Epidemic Calculator – See how varying disease characteristics (R0, population, hospitalization & death rate, etc) affects outcomes.

COVID-Research Sources compiles a database of COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 resources and epidemiology data to easily discover this information.

Harvard COVID Updates

COVID-19 Resources for Schools

HOW DO I SET UP MY CLASSROOM? A quick guide for teachers – CDC – 15 easy-to-implement steps + 5 sample classroom layouts

K-6 Regional COVID School Simulation – a model that estimates the impact of community transmission, random testing, test accuracy, and many other values on the unfolding of COVID transmission within schools.

K-12 SCHOOLS DATA IN THE U.S. – database of different data sources for COVID-19 statistics within school systems

Burbio’s K-12 School Opening Tracker – Burbio actively monitors 1,200 districts, including the 200 largest school districts in the US.  District plans are reviewed every 72 hours to identify changes. School districts in the data set are a mix of sizes and distributed nationally in such a way to represent local decision-making across the country and averages are weighted to reflect student populations.  For more details on methodology or detailed breakdown of county information email

Trackers (Vaccines, Variants)

New York Times Vaccine Tracker

CDC Vaccine Tracker – Latest statistics on vaccine rollout

CDC Variant Tracker

WHO COVID-19 vaccine tracker and landscape – Spreadsheet with the status of all vaccines currently in development and where they are in their pipeline. Constantly updated.

Other Resource Aggregators

COVID-19 Real-Time Learning Network – Great compilation of COVID resources.