Hello Blog!

My name is Avisha NessAiver and I try to live by the following mantra:

My day is incomplete unless I have learned something new and improved myself in some way

And, to head off the inevitable quibbling, I do believe that we are subtly improved by everything we learn. Here I am referring to skills, relationships, and actual personal development.

I have started this blog both to incentivize myself through public accountability and to share my learning, both past and present, with all of you.

I plan on having three types of regular postings:

  1. Daily Learning – I am constantly reading books, perusing articles, and listening to podcasts. Whenever I encounter a tidbit that I consider to be particularly interesting I will try to do a quick writeup about it. These posts should be quick bursts of (hopefully) pleasant mental diversion.
  2. Musings – Often prompted by some life experience or piece of learning, these will be my own thoughts about any aspect of life. Expect widely varying lengths.
  3. Travels – I rarely spend an extended period of time in one place. Here is where I will attempt to document the more interesting portions of my travels. Sometimes these posts will revolve around a particular story, other times they will be more travel-photo-blog style aiming to just give a snapshot of some interesting place that I’m in. Expect a large number of these in the near future as I am about to embark on a 3-week solo-trip to Thailand.

As with everything in life, this type of blogging is a skill, and one that I am definitely a beginner at. My goal is to provide content that always lands somewhere on the spectrum of entertaining <-> educational, and I hope that your honest feedback will help me to quickly figure out what I am doing right and wrong.

With that I shall say, “Hello, welcome to the site, and I hope to see you here on a regular basis!”